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Remote device sign-in

A method for signing in to a device without a keyboard using a game controller and onscreen keyboard.


A Better Model of Data Ownership

Defining ownership of datasets and ensuring the right teams own the right datasets for better data management.

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When Bash Scripts Bite

The blogpost discusses the potential pitfalls of using shell scripts and the prevalent warnings against their usage.

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Looking for a technical writer

The technical writer position has been filled. Update on the hiring process.

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Caveat Configurator: how to replace configs with code, and why you might not want to

Replacing configs with code and the downsides of doing so

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This is not the performance you were looking for: the tricks systems play on us

The impact of deployment choices on software performance and the potential erasure of optimization efforts due to scheduling policy, affinity, or background workload on a server.

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Trivial meta-programming with cinaps

A blogpost about trivial meta-programming with cinaps, discussing the drawbacks of code generators and the benefits of using a local solution for repetitive code.

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One more talk, two more videos

Announcement of a public tech talk titled 'Seven Implementations of Incremental' and presented on April 5th, with registration details provided.

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What a Jane Street software engineering interview is like

Information on what to expect during a phone interview for a software engineering role at Jane Street.

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Jane Street Tech Talks: Verifying Puppet Configs

A Jane Street Tech Talk on verifying Puppet configs.

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How to Build an Exchange

Building an exchange and managing user demand with upcoming talks

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A brief trip through Spacetime

An introduction to using Spacetime, a new memory profiling facility for OCaml to detect space leaks and unwanted allocations.