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Google DeepMindGoogle DeepMind

DeepMind’s latest research at ICLR 2023

DeepMind's latest research presented at the 11th International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) 2023, focusing on cutting-edge work in deep learning and its applications in AI, statistics, data science, machine vision, gaming, and robotics.

DoorDash MLDoorDash ML

DoorDash identifies Five big areas for using Generative AI

DoorDash explores the application of Generative AI to enhance the customer's ordering experience on the platform.


My Journey to Airbnb — Michael Kinoti

A personal story of Michael Kinoti's journey from considering med school to becoming Airbnb's Director of Engineering for the Marketing Technology team.

Stability AIStability AI

Stability AI releases its Image Upscaling API

A new Image Upscaling API has been released by Stability AI to expand small images into larger ones while maintaining or improving their level of detail.

Snorkel AISnorkel AI

Harvard professor: DataPerf and AI’s need for data benchmarks

Harvard professor discusses the importance of benchmarks in data-centric AI development and introduces DataPerf to address the need.


Solving Complex and Demanding Marketing Automation Challenges at Scale

A blogpost about solving complex and demanding marketing automation challenges at scale.


New ways to manage your data in ChatGPT

Managing data in ChatGPT is easier with the new feature that allows users to turn off chat history and selectively choose conversations for model training.


Building a large scale unsupervised model anomaly detection system — Part 2

This blog post discusses the approach to building a fully automated solution that finds and explains anomalies in a large scale unsupervised model anomaly detection system.

Google DeepMindGoogle DeepMind

How can we build human values into AI?

Drawing from philosophy to identify fair principles for ethical AI


Fly.io ❤️ JS

The blogpost discusses how Fly.io can be used to run fullstack applications with JavaScript frameworks, focusing on Node.js and the challenges of choosing frameworks, package managers, and alternatives. It introduces the concept of using 'package.json' to build baseline Dockerfiles for different frameworks. It also showcases the 'dockerfile-node' project that generates Dockerfile and provides instructions for deploying on Fly.io. The post mentions the success and ongoing work for different frameworks, and highlights the future plans for integration with fly launch and customization options.

The New York TimesThe New York Times

Bringing Dark Mode to our News Apps

This blogpost discusses how teams at The New York Times implemented dark mode functionality in their news apps, including the challenges faced, the creation of a core color system, and the cross-organizational effort required for implementation.


Improving Instant Payouts

Introducing new tools to start, run, and manage an Instant Payouts program for platforms and marketplaces with faster integration process and streamlined monetization.